“… The wide use of imperfect but useful mechanical translations may actually increase the demand for human translations”

В разделе PEMT / Статьи по темам / Профиль постредактора размещена статья 1954 (!) года под названием “THE MACHINE AND THE MAN”, Victor H. Yngve, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, описывающее в части первые представления о роли о компетенциях постредактора МП.


Несколько цитат.


When extensive mechanical translation becomes a reality, many new jobs will be created.


With or without the pre-editor, the output of the translating machine may still be no literary masterpiece. But it may be satisfactory for some purposes.


The output of the machine itself, of course, could be made the basis for the more careful job of translation. This leads us to the concept of the post-editor, which has also been discussed in detail in the MT literature…


A post-editor is a person skilled in the output language…. His task is to take the Imperfect output from the machine and edit it into a polished or at least easily comprehensible document.


This puts man in the role of partner with the machine.


… The post-editor is better able to do his job if he is an expert in the particular field of knowledge…


We might say that the man is providing feedback of the type required for learning and the is altering the machine in such a way that it behaves as if it were learning by its mistakes.